Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Something Unstoppable... introducing a new version of For the Birds

(but this blog will still be active)
The new website isn't quite launched yet but it will soon. 

Introducing a new version of For the Birds

"For the Birds" is "For the Birders" now, and it's a collab author blog planned to be written by multiple authors. Most of which will probably be under 25 because all the older people are off doing other sites like 10,000birds. I will still be posting on this own blog but every post I make here will also be going on FTBirders. FTbirders will have (1) more content due to more authors (2) way better graphics and organization (3) a way better layout and (4) just the feel of a real website in general!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

FTB Revamped

For those of you wondering why this blog hasn't had any posts recently...it's because it's getting revamped. With new features such as multiple authors and multiple blog topics! Coming soon to an Internet browser new you.......FTB Version 2.0! Sorry, that's all I have to say.